Saturday, October 15, 2011

The first leg of our journey

The first leg of our journey was with a group of friends on the annual “Couples Cruise”.  We are relatively new to this cruise but it has been an annual tradition for about 26 years lead by Rick and Carol Hamblton.  Sadly, we lost Rick this year so this was a special trip with friends and a reminder of the fragility of life. 
What a wonderful week end it was at Pelicans.  Great people, Beautiful sunny skies, warm clear water.  It was our best trip to Pelicans ever.
We departed Pelicans to Smugglers Sunday night.  As we traveled along the East shore of Santa Cruz each crack and crevice seemed extra special knowing that we would not see her again for a long time.

   Smugglers Sunday evening.    

Smugglers Monday morning.

Traveling in fog to  Santa Barbara Island then on to Catalina reminded us why cruising Mexico seemed like such a good idea.  But when we arrived at Whites Cove near Avalon it was sunny and beautiful.   Also, we noticed on the way to Catalina that our stress almost partially totally resolved.  A lovely calm had come over us and we felt so much more relaxed.  

An exert from an e mail to a friend:
Everything is different now.
Jeff and I feel much more calm and relaxed,
sailing is more enjoyable- We are live aboards!
The Captain is spiraling down quick though,
I made cinnamon rolls and 
did not have the vanilla for the icing so
Jeff poured in some vanilla VODKA instead.
They were really good!”

Our first week living aboard the Buena Vida was magical.  Sailing, hiking, kayaking, snorkeling, and Sea Life.   

Week Two:
We Continued south to Newport Beach and enjoyed the reciprocity of Bahia Corinthian, Balboa and Newport Harbor Yacht Clubs.  Wow, talk about amenities.  Pools, private beaches, fine dining and lots of staff.  The only thing missing was the welcoming membership that we enjoy at Ventura Yacht Club.
After four days of walking around Balboa Island and Newport beach we were ready to visit our good friends Jane, Josh, Garret and Heather in Dana Point then on to Oceanside for a Baja ha ha rendezvous.  What a nice group of people who worked hard to provide a fun and informative event.  The Oceanside Yacht Club hosted a safety at sea seminar, a presentation by some cruisers who sailed to Tahiti and wonderful dinners.  We were invited by some members to BBQ on the docks with them and we had a great time.

We are now in San Diego in Cabrillo Isle Marina because they offer a big discount to Baja participants.  Our dock is full of boats heading south with little green burgees most of which have originated from Canada.  We have met lots of great people and joke that we have been adopted by the Canadians.

Jeff and I seem very busy  accomplishing only one thing a day.  Everything takes a little more time aboard. What kinds of things need to be done?  Insurance coverage from a US provider to cover the Buena Vida in Mexico.  Mandatory Mexican insurance for liability in Mexico. Mexican fishing license, purchasing fishing gear purchasing used scuba gear and getting it bench tested.  Last minute additions and changes to the boat. It seems like every day we tear apart the boat and put it back together in search of more storage space.  We have finally come to a mutual agreement that we can not buy one more thing except possible a XM radio.

We have been happy to have family come and visit us in San Diego to say a final Bon Voyage.  Jeff's Brother Mike from Arizona spent three nights then my parents and kids came down for 3 nights.  How lucky are we to have such great support.

This week is Baja ha ha week.  There are lectures every night and different events around town.
We are done with most of our work so that we can relax and enjoy the events.

To be honest, I am ready to move on.  I am tired of being in marinas.  I can't wait to be on the hook in a cove with lots of birds diving and fish jumping.  I crave a gentle roll to lull me to sleep at night.  
I am a bit apprehensive about the first leg of the Baja as it is 302 km and will involve three overnight passages but I am looking forward to having that experience, learning a lot and developing a comfort with overnight sailing.

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  1. Fantastic pictures! And looks like you are sure eating well... gee, what a surprise :-))) We are SO excited for you right now. Our best to Jim and feliz viaje, amigos!!