Thursday, February 2, 2012

Are we really here?

The Tree Of Life.

Hola amigos
We  have been out of internet/phone for a while but now we are back in action.  We have sailed down from La Cruz to Barra de Navidad and can't believe we have made it so far!  We still just look at each other in disbelief.  

Jeff got a bad cold/flu in La Cruz and of coarse he was in denial so we did the overnight trip from La Cruz to Chamela with him running a fever.  He was sick the whole time we were in Chamela and most of the time we were in Tenacatita.  After he got over the initial phase of illness he developed an asthmatic bronchitis and was super sensitive to smoke.  It seems  that someone is always burning trash here so Jeff suffered through many sleepless nights up coughing and wheezing.

We loved  the famous Tenacatita and spent about a week or maybe more there 
( I keep losing track).  It was by far my favorite spot up to this point.  Everyday I would kayak ashore, go for a run then do some yoga under the palm trees.  Later in the day I would snorkel with my fish friends.  I mourned a bit each day as they succumbed to the hungry birds and bigger fish.  Every once and in while I would hear splashing outside of the boat and think someone was swimming up.  When I went on deck I would see hundreds of big fish thrashing about as they ate as many small ones that they could fit in their months.  It was an amazing sight.  

Simple fishing village of Chamela.  The snorkling was great!

Tenacatita.  The entrance to the estuary.

Robert, the  "mayor", at the traditional friday night dingy raft up.  Many cruisers will stay at Tenacatita for weeks or months as it is so calm and beautiful here.  The town of La Manzanilla is just a couple of miles across the bay and a great place to get fresh produce and a meal out.

Interesting and fun group for the raft up.

I would float off the stern of the Buena Vida and enjoy the cool water.

Millions of fish enjoying the growth on the bottom of the Buena Vita.

Oncoming traffic as we dinghed up the estuary early in the morning to check out the birds and other wildlife.

We were going so slow to see little creatures in the trees that the current swept us side ways.  It was tricky getting into tight spots with out risking our inflatable dink.

Kotamundi, similar to a racoon.

The cheerful town of La Manzanilla with its wimsical colors.  A small group of Americans and Canadians blend in
well with the locals and make this the most charming town we have experienced yet.  

A few other cruisers went with Jeff and I to La Manzanilla one day.  We loved the crocodile refuge.

Lunch Time! They either don't move at all, or surprisingly fast.

La Manzanilla the town across the by from the Tenacatita anchorage.  The coolest town so far.

Of course he has a goat in his truck.  

Mom and girls enjoying the morning.  Actually they were washing a small dog.

After our  great time on the hook in Chamela and Tenacatita we headed for Barra de Navidad.   In Barra there are two choices for boaters.  Anchor in a protected lagoon or stay in the fancy marina.  Sheepishly we checked into the Marina at the Grand Bay  Resort and we love it.    We actually were a bit embarrassed because all of the boats that we have been hanging with are in the lagoon.  One couple has come over several times to use the pool/shower as our guest.  The lagoon is beautifully situated to watch birds and sunsets but it is stifling hot, you can not go in the water and there are mosquitoes.  So...we decided to splurge and stay in the marina at the Grand Bay Hotel.  WOW!  This is one of the nicest resorts we have ever seen.  Golf, tennis, kayaks, jet skis, pools, hot tubs, several restaurants, great walking paths with amazing landscape, private beaches with cabanas, loungers and hammocks.  Well anyway, you get the vibe, a bit expensive but super cool, hence the fact that most sensible boaters stay in the lagoon for free.  This is an extreme contrast to the little fishing villages that we usually anchor off of and honestly we love them just as much, it is just different.  Jeff and I love the landscape and taking long walks through the resort, then swimming in the pool mid afternoon really cools you off.  It has been around 72 degrees in the morning then up to 90 in the afternoon so a dip in the cool pool feels great.  

The Grand Bay Resort

Jeff buying a fresh baguette and crissonts from the French Baker.  He delivers to the Marina then to the Lagoon each morning.  What a treat!

Dingy dock at a remote location of the resort.   Follow the path to a gorgeous golf course, then on to the Pacific Ocean crashing on the beach.  Just a great place to take long walks.

Little restaurants on the beach in the lagoon serve great fresh seafood.

The Resort/Marina from the bow on the Buena Vida

We will stay here for a bit then head south to Santiago Bay, Las Hadas and Cuesta Comate (secret anchorage), then back to our lovely piece of heaven in the marina at the Grand Bay.  After another week here we will start the return trip to Puerto Vallarta.  We will spend a bit more time in Tenacatita on the way back as we can not believe how great it is there.  We need to fly home around Feb. 28-29 for Josh and Rachel's wedding.
We miss the boys and my parents a lot and I am looking forward to Rachel's bridal shower and participating in the wedding events but we are not looking forward to the cold.  Oh well,  it will be great to be in our lovely town of Ventura with our family and friends.

Life in Mexico is Bueno!

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  1. Fantastic photos! And we know just what you mean when you talk about saying to each other, "Can you believe we're here, doing this?" Miss you guys!