Friday, March 29, 2013

Banderas Bay Blast

I am working toward the worst blog of the year award.  I am not sure why I have not been posting.  I like writing and picking the images so it seems strange even to me that I have payed so little attention to our blog.
The second season is different from the first and that might have something to do with it.
We are visiting places for the second time and are much more relaxed about everything.  We thought it might get boring spending another season in Mexico but it is not boring at all.  
There have been some fun "season two" surprises.   Like the joy of hooking up with people that we met last year.  It is so fun to see a familiar boat pull into the bay and realize that friends are aboard!  This is always call for a group dinner and time to catch up with stories of off season exploits or summer in Mexico melt downs!

The surf really is mellow at Punta de Mit

Spent the day in Sayulita and San Poncho drinking buckets of beer on the beach with our good friends
Keith and Olina of S/V Anon

We met this guy on the beach in San Poncho.  He is really into this cool music with a whale songs overlay.

He also makes crochet shoes.

Happy Hour with Russ and Doreen of August Moon.
We have a love/hate relationship with this cool town La Cruz de Huanaxctle. .
We really do love it but we hate the way we get stuck there.  We spend so much time hanging around because there is always something cool going on.  Great live music, benefits for the local orphanage, CD release parties, etc.  We stayed for the Banderas Bay Blast, a fun beer can regatta to kick off the sailing season in Banderas Bay.  Jeff and I crewed aboard a 47 foot Lagoon Catamaran  Moontide and a 38 foot Lagoon Catamaran Younger Girl.
We had so much fun and really appreciated the experience of sailing a Cat.  We learned a lot and it was a good reality check for me as I have a romanticized view of everything and thought that a Catamaran would be the perfect boat but as usual, reality interrupted my fantasy life and we found that there are some significant issues with Cat's.  That being said, we are looking forward to crewing again aboard the 47 footer named Moontide for the Banderas Bay Regatta mid March.

Tataware a local flamenco guitar group.  Fantastic music with brunch.

Jeff's Birthday dinner at restaurant 99.  Everything on the menu is 99 pesos!
Bob and Sheri along with their daughter and son in law helped us celebrate.

So did the staff!  Tequila shots for Jeff

After dinner we all went to AnnaBananas to rock out to the classic rock.
I brought a home made Kaluha Cake to share with everyone there.  Jeff received
Some great gifts.  Spam, Chicharones and a soccer ball.

Capt. Bill and Judy of Moontide with Debbie of Younger Girl

A great party was provided for all participants, free food, drinks, T-shirts and hats.
How cool is that!

 Then it was time to head to Ventura to spend time with our family for Christmas.  Cheers.

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