Sunday, April 15, 2012

Home Sweet Home

The adventure continues...a trip home for the Wedding of our oldest son

We flew home for six weeks to celebrate the wedding of our oldest son Joshua to his lovely fiancee Rachel Moore.  The wedding was a great opportunity for family members that live abroad to come home and spend time together.  Jennifer and family who live in Seville, Spain as well as Rebecca and husband Chris from Hawaii came home for the wedding and it meant so much to us all.  The time at home went by so fast visiting with friends, family and preparing for the wedding.  We were reminded how much we love our family, friends and home in Ventura.

Rachel's bridal shower was held at our home in Ventura Ca..
My mom Barbara Noville, Rachel and myself

Julie, Rachel, and her mom, Lynn. 

The home in Ojai CA where the wedding was held

The view from the main house.  The lawn is the size of a football field with the Topa Topa mountains beyond.

Classic Ventura County replete with a citrus orchard.

California Poppies
Our younger son Chris and his brother in law (also Chris) spent one day helping set up the tent and chairs

Too bad no one loves Josh

 Rebecca, Jeff, and Chris, proudly stand before the erected tent.

This was a real DIY wedding and we all worked together to make it special.
It was great getting to know Rachel's family and her best friends while working together.

Josh and Rachel are so lovely.  The rehearsal went great.

Everyone came back to our home for a Thai inspired rehearsal dinner.

Jen( Jeff's oldest daughter), Rebecca, Chris, Jeff and little Lisa

 Lynn and Rachel getting hair and makeup before the wedding.

It did get really cold all of a sudden but no one cared.   It was all about LOVE.

We present Mr. and Mrs. Shankle!
During the photos it began to pour rain!  Run for the tent!

Rachel's mom Lynn made all of the cupcakes and the wedding cake herself.  They were so delicious and beautiful.

Off to Thailand for the honeymoon.

Now to spent some time with the grand kids.

Let's go to Disneyland!

Jeff with Lisa and Carles and Sara

Decorating Easter cup cakes is serious business.

Jeff cooking up dinner with our cat Tiger waiting for something to drop.

Sara, Jen, Lisa and I dyed eggs and our fingers!

We took the family to our Yacht Club for an Easter egg hunt.  We of course
wanted to show off the family!

Sara found lot's of great eggs.

Funny...The Easter Bunny hid eggs at our house too.  Lisa found lots of goodies.
Well, it was so hard to say good bye to our family, especially the grand kids returning to Spain.
The trip home reminded us that nothing replaces the joy of being with those you love.  That being said, Jeff and I do love each other and the time we spend aboard the Buena Vida, so off we went right back to Mexico and our floating home.  We plan to stay in Mexico traveling a bit more until mid June.  


  1. Beautiful pics! We are in Puerto Escondido and really enjoying the sea and being here! We will listen for you on the amigo net. Russ & Dorren August Moon are back as well in El Cid. Looking forward to seeing you on the Baja side.
    Hasta Luego
    Anne & Dick

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